Acai Bowls


Every morning in the beginning of my pregnancy (before I got morning sickness) Juniper and I would share a green smoothie and that was my way of getting some greens in her (and me).  Well now I'm craving sweets and sugar like CONSTANTLY with this baby #2! It's bad! With Juniper I wanted fruit but nothing super sweet, but with this pregnancy I just want everything chocolatey, sweet and everything yummy.  So my way of not being overly indulgent is making these acai bowls when I want something sweet.  Juni calls it ice cream and it really does taste like it with all these yummy toppings! 
I know they are really popular right now so probably most people know how to make them but just in case you don't here's a little down low on how I make them. 

Acai Bowls

• Acai Smoothie:
1 Trader Joes unsweetened acai pack (link here)
1/2 frozen banana
4 frozen strawberries 
and some cold water to allow it to mix if you have a crappy blender like me
(You can use almond milk or coconut milk or really whatever but right now I haven't been drinking that so I just use water)

• Toppings:
my must haves are:
drizzle of honey
chia seeds
flax seeds

more options:
cocoa nibs (which I tried for the first time and it made it more like a yummy dessert)
frozen berries 



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