Cross Country Road Trip - 4th Stop: Nauvoo, IL


After our stop in Moab we drove through Colorado and stopped to see family and then drove through Nauvoo and met our good friends for the day.  We both had never been to Nauvoo and were excited to explore.  We literally only had a few hours there so it really wasn't enough time to see everything and Carthage Jail afterwards but it was still fun to visit with friends and walk through.

Cross Country Road Trip - 2nd Stop: Moab Pt. II

Our 2nd and last day in Moab we took it easy, went swimming, ate yummy food and drove through the park with stopping and exploring a bit.  Juniper loved having the freedom to roam around on her own, she loves to walk around and be free! 

Cross Country Road Trip - 2nd Stop: Moab

After morning and afternoon in Page, AZ we drove that same day to Moab to Arches National Park.  Going to school with a ton of people from Utah, I saw endless endless photos of this place but had never been myself so I was excited to go see it for myself. It was amazing and so fun.  
We woke up at sunrise, yet again, and hiked before the heat and crowds came.  When we reached the Delicate Arch there was barely anyone there and so fun to explore.  We did the other hike after our nap later that day.  We were definitely tired after all the driving and sunrise morning times but it was worth it! 

Cross Country Road Trip - 1st Stop: Antelope Canyon

Growing up I remember seeing images from Antelope Canyon and now as a photographer I really wanted to go to experience it and take photos.  After our sunrise hike, we went to our scheduled tour. We went on the regular upper canyon tour, they offer photographer tours but with that everyone is required a dSLR and no kids, and I was already kinda pushing it with our time so we went for the normal tour... which ended up being a rushed run through with crowds of people in every nook and cranny.  Literally we had like 1 minute to photograph each spot, there were people everywhere with their phones,  and our tour guide was literally pushing up through after 30 seconds of getting to a new spot.  Definitely annoying as a photographer but nonetheless it was still a great experience and so beautiful.  For advice, I heard that the lower canyon tour wasn't as  rushed so that might be fun to do another time.

Juniper's under-bite frown = teething unhappy baby
Next up, Moab!

Cross Country Road Trip - 1st Stop: Arizona

The first stop of our cross country road trip, Page, AZ.  We drove 6.5 hrs after cleaning and packing up the last of our stuff, got to our hotel late that night... and then the crazy photographer in me made us wake up before sunrise the next morning to get "the shot."  Was it worth it? YES. I love doing that kind of stuff when we're traveling and thankfully I have the best husband who supports me and always up for an adventure... and now we have a baby who has no choice, poor kid, but I know later on she will love it. :) 
There's no railing or anything here at the Horseshoe Bend and there was a breeze, so I was a little scared my tripod was going to topple over the edge or better yet me! But it was quite the beautiful sight to watch with the sun rising.  We live in such a beautiful world.  

Landon always has to do risky stuff and I did not want him to be doing things like this with him wearing the baby, but this is him and I love him and we compromise....this was not as risky as what he initially wanted to do.
Selfie stick coming in handy with half sleeping baby
I love their relationship. 
Juniper finally woke up with the sun and was a happy babe.


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