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Boston Public Library


I'm not much of a history buff, like not at all, but I really appreciated the old history in Boston and it makes me want to take a quick history class (or more just watch a quick movie) ;) to learn more about our our country was established.  This public library was so beautiful! When I walked into the main hall it was completely silent, packed full of people reading & studying. I felt bad taking photos because it was so quiet, like I was in some kind of mosque or temple, but I'm glad I was able to capture the beauty! 

The courtyard

RI with My Mom!

Along with Boston, my mom and I explored and saw lots of Rhode Island.  I took her to a few lighthouses, we ate yummy fish and chips and doughboys, and drove past lots of farms... hence the cute lamb photos :) I loved having my mom here and showing her around New England I can't wait for a lot of more trips!

Streets of Boston

Boston is such a walkable city and the weather was perfect for my mom when she was here. It was 60F in November! These photos were taken down Newbury St. and Acorn St, by favorite street in Boston!  

Boston Public Gardens


Boston's Public Garden is so beautiful and I knew my mom would fall in love with it.  What made me even happier was that the leaves were still changing colors.  I thought for sure by the time my mom got in down that everything would look dead and bare but thankfully Boston kept some color for us and showed her a good time. 

Holding on to dear life!


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