Carlsbad Field of Flowers


I was so excited to bring Juniper out to the flower fields this year... everything is SO much more fun with a baby... especially being a photographer because it means photo shoot after photo shoot. :)
On my mom's spring break we made a trip out to Carlsbad in San Diego to The Flower Fields.  The entry fee was a little steep ($14 a person!) but these memories are worth it. 
Juniper is always a good sport on our adventures. She loves being outside and as long as she can watch what we are doing or be on daddy's shoulders she's a happy camper.

Baby's 1st Easter


It's my baby's 1st Easter and I absolutely love having a baby to celebrate the holidays with.  Last year's Easter I sewed up 2 bunny rabbits for her and I was so excited to give them to her this year.  She loved them as you can see in the photos!
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7 Months Juni

Once my baby hit 6 months she has been on the move NON STOP! (and that's no exaggeration)!
I absolutely love seeing her personality develop and could of never imagined how obsessed I would be with her, I'm seriously so happy and in love, no matter how sleep deprived or busy I am, she's my world! But can I say how IMPOSSIBLE it is to get one photo of her without moving! I completely skipped her 6 month photo because I couldn't get one of her staying still.  Thankfully after a million tries, her daddy helped get her attention for these. :)

| February 18, 2016 |

• She is officially crawling and is so fast at it!

• She loves light sockets, sharp corners, climbing into the fireplace and putting all bits of trash and lint off the floor in her mouth...haha (hence why we bought her a blow up pool as a play pen in our house!)

• She can pull herself to stand, and walk around objects if she's holding on and stands on her own for a few good seconds

• She has learned to give kisses and is all about the open mouth sloppy ones!

• She has learned to fake cough and thinks it's so funny

• She can wave hello and goodbye

• She says "dada" ALL the time... still no mama :(

• She dances or moves her head when music is on, she's my little dancing baby

• She is starting to get stranger danger and really only lets mommy or daddy hold her

• She is definitely our chatterbox and is constantly babbling

• She loves food and has been a really good eater for me

That One Time I Met Martha...

Ever since I was a little girl...a 7 year old girl... my favorite show to watch was Martha Stewart.  I would make her recipes in the kitchen, talk as if I was on TV, go cut roses from the garden and try to make everything pretty and perfect. So you can imagine how excited and shocked I was to of been given the opportunity to photograph her! I still can't believe it happened.

Beach Day in February


As sad as it is, Landon and I never ever go to the beach and being Southern California residents... it just doesn't seem right. So as Landon's schedule has cleared up, we've made an effort to take Juniper as much as we can before we leave.  We went 3 times in one week during the warm month of  February and by the third time, Juniper was crawling in the sand and loving the feeling of it between her toes.  This particular trip my entire family went and it was so fun to see all the kids play together and have Juniper there with them! 

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