Salvador Dali House Museum - Spain


A quick update!
I'm catching up on all of my photos and here's from our "Babymoon" (right before our June bug arrived) in March 2015 in Spain & France.  It has literally eaten away at me every single day that I haven't edited these photos yet... it's like putting a piece of cake in front of a child and not letting them eat it for a year... I was working more than ever at the end of my pregnancy up until we arrived here in Rhode Island,  and I finally have a little break for myself. Yay!
To see where I ended up on my Spain posts click here... you have to take a look at the Sagrada Familia! (The top highlight of my trip!)

The Dali House Museum was our first stop on our road trip and I was extremely excited about this.  I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of Dali, compared to Picasso, Matisse, etc, but I was super excited to do a house tour and see a glimpse into his life.  I was quite shocked that his home wasn't as crazy or bizarre as I thought it was... refer to some of his paintings.  It was very refined and a lot of pieces and styles reminded me of homes I've photographed in CA... although I know the influence is vice versa.  

I had mixed reviews about the tour.  I loved going through his home and hearing about his life BUT they literally gave you 5 minutes to look at each room so I felt extremely rushed.  I took TONS of photos so that I could look back at it and actually notice details but here's some photos of his home! And I didn't post like 75% of his home, figured if anyone actually wanted to go to save some surprise and I have way to many photos to edit :)

Juniper's 1st year


And just like that she's 1!
We are so extremely proud of our baby girl everyday, she lights up our lives and makes us so happy.

• She is now talking so much and currently says: hi, bye, up, down, teeth (<- her fav), dance, baby, cheese, mom, dada and the word used the most "stop"... which I'm not the happiest about since she tells me to stop with everything that I do. :)

• She has started running everywhere and she is so fast I'm now getting in my daily exercise of literally chasing after her.

• She loves to give kisses and loves, every morning and night she gives an endless amount to mommy & daddy.
We love you Juniper Joan!

Cross Country Road Trip!


We made it to the east coast and I loved every second getting over here. :)

The Butterfly Exhibit

While we were in San Diego over spring break we went to the San Diego Safari Park and specifically went to see The Butterfly Exhibit that was there for only 4 short weeks.  I love butterflies, and I especially love capturing butterflies on my camera (maybe it's more of the fact that it's not everyday you capture a butterfly staying still for longer than 3 seconds)? I was so excited to bring Juniper and was determined to get a photo of a butterfly on her head :)

Well since the exhibit was just a few short weeks the line was soooo long and what we thought was going to be a 1.5 hr wait turned into 3 hrs! Landon and Juni were both so done and over it, so by the time we got into the greenhouse I had to get my photos quick! 

Juniper was so so cute on Landon's shoulders and was trying to eat all of the butterflies flying past her head.  She would leave her mouth open and lean over in hopes on one landing on her tongue... thankfully that didn't happen. :)

Carlsbad Field of Flowers


I was so excited to bring Juniper out to the flower fields this year... everything is SO much more fun with a baby... especially being a photographer because it means photo shoot after photo shoot. :)
On my mom's spring break we made a trip out to Carlsbad in San Diego to The Flower Fields.  The entry fee was a little steep ($14 a person!) but these memories are worth it. 
Juniper is always a good sport on our adventures. She loves being outside and as long as she can watch what we are doing or be on daddy's shoulders she's a happy camper.


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