Juniper is 2!


Since before I've had kids I've always had the idea of doing a little interview of them every year to remember their favorite things at that age and here's Juniper's first favorite things at age 2!  I didn't know what she was going to answer with so it was fun to hear her answers and it was especially funny to hear that her favorite animal and toy was a horse when she doesn't even play with one, I have no clue where she got that.
She's at such a fun age and I love having little conversations with her.  She's such a smart little girl and has grown so much in the last year.
A few more things to I want to remember at this age are:

- She is pretty much potty trained, this last week she has gone #2 every day which was initially the hardest thing to work on with her
- She can count to 20, and speaks full sentences to me now.  She comes up to me all the time and says, "Mommy, what are you doing here?" with whatever I'm doing.
- She absolutely loves snuggling in our bed.  That is the high to her day, she's a completely giggly mess and gets so happy when both Landon and I snuggle her under the covers.  She requests it pretty much 5 times a day.
- She is ready to be a big sister.  I feel like she fully understands, she will kiss my belly and say "baby sister" and she calls herself big sister all the time.
- Her favorite meal is salmon and potatoes, she eats an insane amount of it and tempts me to make it for her every night because of how well she eats.  I've been secretly mashing in white carrots into her potatoes so she gets it all :)
- She loves loves her daddy and when he's home she's a crazier happier self, just like her mommy

Juniper Turns 2!

My baby is 2!  Juniper is the light of our life and it's been the best 2 years.  She is sassy, brave, energetic, silly, smart and such a fun character to be around.  She is usually found jumping off of something and has a non-stop energy ALL DAY long until hours after she's put to bed.  She is so smart and talks so much and I love seeing the excitement and wonder in her eyes through everything. 

E. Van & Stanley Park


Our last day in Vancouver it was raining and all the beautiful pink blossoms had fallen off the tree which made for an awesome photo op with Juniper.  We also drove through Stanley park, there's so much to see there and never enough time so a quick drive was all we could fit in. 

Lynn Valley Canyon

We took a fun day trip to Lynn Valley Canyon and hiked around with Georgia and Mckay.  It was so beautiful as you can see in the photos, seriously I love visiting Canada! 

A Cabin Out on the Lake

Whenever we visit Canada I always look forward to going to Landon's Uncle's cabin.  You have to take a boat out to it and there is no one around, it is so serene.  Last time we were there we caught crabs right in front of his dock and went swimming, this time around it was still cold so we just enjoyed the views and went for a hike above his cabin. 

Juniper fell asleep to the motor of the boat, a rare rare occasion!
Juniper trying her Great Grandma's infamous pickles and loving them.  They are SO good.


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