My Birthday


I had my 27th birthday this year and I got to spend it with my BEST friend, my sweet Juniper.  I feel so blessed everyday that I have a daughter. I'm best friends with my mom and I can't wait to have that same relationship with Juni.

I had the day to myself since Landon was gone at work, and although I was sad I didn't get to spend the day with him, I actually like some good quality time alone so I was excited to have an entire day to do whatever I wanted!

Summer Rain in RI

One thing I love about the New England is the summer rain! In California it rarely rained and when it did it was my favorite, so when it randomly rains I'm one happy girl. 
My sister gave Junipe the cutest rain jacket from Gap for her birthday so any chance that we get, we put it on and let her run around.  Seriously nothing cuter!  

Royal Mills


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We currently live in this old reclaimed factory mill while we are buying a home and it's been a great experience here for our first place in Rhode Island.  There is this beautiful waterfall(man-made, obviously) and there is so much character here. The one thing I will miss when we move is exploring the complex with Juniper.  She loves to get outside and be free and there is so much to see and so many things to climb on that this place is perfect for her.  My goal in mind for this shoot was to get a photo of her with her bow on but she now refuses to wear them :(

4th of July!


Our 1st fourth of July here in Rhode Island was fun with friends.  We had a BBQ and sweated our brains out (I'm not sure we'll ever get used to the humid heat) and let Juni play in the pool.  
I'm always on the look out for cool walls or buildings for photos and this place is just down the street from us on the way to church.  Worked out perfect for the fourth! 
My absolute favorite photo of them!

The tower at our complex.

At Home - June, July, & August


On days that we aren't out exploring, Juniper and I are at home playing all day! I am pretty much on SnapChat all day long taking cute videos of her to share with family back home but I rarely take photos of her with my nice camera at home... and when I do they are always posed and "perfect" and I realized I wanted to take some real photos of her on normal days at home. So here's photos from June, July, & August.


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