La Jolla


It happened to be National Donut Day and I actually was already on my way to get a donut so I knew it was fate. We took our donuts down to the beach, watched some sea lions, ate just the sprinkles from the donuts, and then somehow ended up in the water which was not planned.  I thought it was going to be too cold, but I forgot that Juniper was Landon's child and didn't care so we were soaked by the end of our visit.  

San Diego

Here's a few phone photos of our time in San Diego.  It was our last vacation just the 3 of us and Juniper is at such a fun age where everything is exciting and new, so this vacation will forever be such a special memory.  Every morning Landon had to go to his Emergency conference so Juniper and I would go out together and do something fun and then pick up daddy for lunch. My mom was nice enough to come pick up Juni for the last 2 days so that Landon and I could have some time alone together too.  We've been to San Diego so much now that we have a list of our favorite foodie places and man did we eat SO good.  Seriously the best meals every single day.  Fish tacos, a crab boil, the BEST spicy ramen, California burritos, and classic hamburgers, I probably gained like a million pounds but it was worth it.  

CA Video

Here's a little video of our time in CA.  Videos are never my priority, obviously photos are, but with Snapchat and Instagram stories I have lots of little clips that I don't know what to do with so I put them all together and made this.  A lot of them were vertically taken so they are super cropped, but there's something about videos that really takes me back to the moment and I love that.  I always wish I remembered to do more!

Early Birthday Party

Juniper's birthday isn't until July but since we were with family we decided to do an early little birthday celebration/going away party at my brother's new pool before we left.  Juniper is VERY into birthdays right now, one day out of the blue she requested "happy birthday song" as I was putting her to sleep and ever since then she sings happy birthday all the time and plays "birthday party" with her little animals, so I thought it would at least be fun to make a cake and have everyone sing to her... and she loved every second of it. 
My sister gave her a Little Mermaid bubble wand that the kids all saw at Disneyland so they were all excited to play in the bubbles. 

Flatbread 3 Ways

For my June post for Say Yes I made these flatbread pizzas.  I used store bought naan bread and made a creative, classic and dessert option. 
Grilled peaches with mixed greens and balsamic glaze
Classic margherita style
Cinnamon streusel with strawberries and sugar glaze


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