Tulip Fields


Spring time is really beautiful here in Rhode Island, I know the change from seasons is what really makes it, but all these flowers make it extra pretty.  This is the only U-pick tulip farm in the New England area, Wicked Tulips, and we decided to go the first day.  I love anything that has to do with flowers and any time I can have a fun photo shoot with Juni.  And although it may look dreamy and perfect, Juniper was teething that day and was throwing fits after the first 5 minutes of being there.  So most of these photos were from the beginning, but looking at these I mainly only remember her covered in dirt laying on the ground. :) I had fun picking them though and will definitely go every year. My tulips lasted forever and were so much bigger than the ones you can buy at the store. 
It sure is pretty but nothing will beat the fields in Washington!
Me with my stink bug!
I went with 2 of the other resident wives and Juniper was really killing it for the photo, both kids are wondering what's going on?!


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