Daffy Days


For the first warm spring day here in Rhode Island, I planned a fun trip to Newport, RI to go see all of the daffodils, they were having a Daffy Days Festival that I heard about and was able to make it in time for them to all be in bloom.  I love the freedom of having all day to do whatever we want, we first strolled along the cliff walk and saw all the water with the daffodils in the foreground, it was so pretty! After that we went and picked up sandwiches and ate them together at the park and finished off at the playground. I love that I have my little buddy to join in on my adventures, she adds life and joy to everything I do.  

Seriously look at that cutie! Her white hair is always washed out in every photo it's so light that I have to underexpose it haha.  Also notice her band aid on her face, I feel like that will be a permanent thing on all of her photos with this wild child. 
Along the cliff walk
There was something that happened that day that I don't want to forget. There was a huge field of grass next to these daffodils and there was one family of 3 kids all playing frisbee and Juniper kept saying "play, play, PLAY!" I kept telling her no, we can't and she started to have a mini tantrum and didn't understand that she couldn't go play with them.  So I decided to take a break and just sit on the grass while she just cried and I finally told her "if you want to play with them then you have to go ask yourself"...obviously thinking that she first off didn't understand me and that she wouldn't go by herself.  She stopped crying and just kept staring at them and kept running towards them and running back to me saying play.  After a few attempts of getting closer she finally went up to their little girl and said "play please" and after that I went over and talked to the mom and they were so nice to her and let her hold the frisbee and play.  I was so proud of her for doing that on her own and I realized how much interaction Juniper wants and needs with other children.  She is such a social little butterfly, totally opposite of how I was and still am, she definitely takes after her daddy and teaches me new things everyday.

It's a requirement to wear a hat when the sun is out with this little white head of mine!
Passed out which means it was a good day.  She of course didn't transfer but at least she got some sleep!



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