Our sprouts are here and we have enough to fill our entire fridge!
note to self: only grow 1 jar at a time.

The weather is perfect and yesterday was great. we went to the temple,
visited the farmer's market, cooked dinner together, and watched a longg movie
until our eyes could barely stay open.


Gloria Zaytsev said...

Mmm, I love those on sandwhiches.
I'm enjoying the break from school on this lovely weekend.
Hope you have a good one too!

P.S. love the photographs. Great quality.


heather anne. said...

looks so yummy! i am excited to start my own up this weekend. :]

Natalie Naomi said...

Impressive and inspiring! :)

hapi said...

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kellichristinecase said...

brittany! i work with casey shull and we were talking about amazing wedding ideas and she pulled up your blog and we were both dying at how B-E-A-utiful your wedding was and then i realized you commented on my blog the other day! so fun!

Piece of Drew said...

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