Although my bed hasn't been too lonely, I'm still missing my Landon like crazy!  3.5 more days until we reunite our Canadian/American love!  I'm trying to not be too dramatic here but hey, this is the longest we've been apart, okay?  Every night I cuddle up with my niece, watch a few movies + Dora the Explorer,  eat Goldfish & Skittles (don't tell her mom that part), get woken up a few times with baby feet in my hair, and then wake up to a jumping-on-the-bed fiasco.  Savanna's got hops.
Miss you my Landon baby, I can't wait for you to be home already!


The Thomas' said...

It is the worst when then are gone! you can do it just hold on:)

Emily said...

feet in the hair is better than feet in the face! ask me how I know! LOL

Elisha said...

oh my gosh!! Your blog is now my new FAVORITE!!!(: I love your photography!! Now following...follow me back?! I'd freak if you did!!<3


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