Sandwich Love


Last night before the gym landon & I had these mad cravings for fruit.
Lots & lots & lots of fruit.
So our plan was to go to the gym, stop by the market, buy lots of juicy tasty fruit, & eat till we fall asleep.
So when you go to the market for something specific, you know how that you ALWAYS come
home with more items than you planned. Right?
Please tell me that doesn't just happen with me...

Well we walked past this beautiful artisan bread and
as my daydreaming took off with my mind,
before i knew it,
Landon and I were buying this bread, salami, and cheese.
The PERFECT combination in the world - in my opinion.

So last night at 11:47PM we made these sandwiches.
On the side we ate tasty olives & had a fruit salad.
So maybe this could be a healthy feast but not at 12 in the morning. Oh well.
We enjoyed our feast in our gym clothes in the middle of our living room living the life.

-oh and did i mention the strawberries were the size of apples?
and the grapes were as big as golf balls?
[and this is a big surprise because rexburg usually has horrible produce]

Well I would of thought it all to be a dream if
we didn't have enough left overs for lunch today.
So here are some photos.
I figured I'd save the fruit photos for another day or I might blow up my blog with too many photos.

asiago red pepper baguette!

thinly sliced meat is my absolute favorite, hence why salami is on the top of my list.
give me a bag of this with a baguette any day.
i made my own vinaigrette with olive oil

we had a creamy swiss cheese [brie] and mmm was it good.

so this is kinda disturbing but funny.
i swear i'm not obsessed with gifs, i just happen to have a lot of photos taken in a series.
landon probably had 18 of these with lunch today.
he is an olive monster.


Becca said...

ok which store did you find the good produce?? It has been looking like trash to me latley!! I have been doing bountiful baskets and winco since everything in Rexburg is grosso

brandilyn said...

hahaha! i love that gif. probably the best one ever.

Randi Gardner said...

hahaha I like this post! I especially love the olive fork picture... that would look great hanging in my kitchen :)

Gelai said...

nice gif! now i'm hungry! :(

katrina said...

my mouth is watering

Bridget said...

gorgeous bread and pictures!

Kristy said...

Haha omg that always happens! I have to go to the store and a market with a list and promise not to get anything else! looks SO yummy! x

Maggy said...

Funny how working out adds a few things to the menu...people say it's a bad idea to go to the grocery store hungry...but it's also usually the most fulfilling. Hope the seconds were just as good :)

Collections said...

wow that sandwich looks incredible!

♥ CheChe said...

i am so hungry now. Your camera takes amazing pictures by the way! What Kind do you use?? I take it you have skills being an artist as well :).


kate said...

this looks just like mine and lando's regular date nights... good sandwhices on a living room floor.

great photos!

shopgirl said...

These food photos look delicious and fun!


Diana Smith said...

Your pictures are GORGEOUS!! I love the story line you gave, sooo cute! And him eating the olive is hilarious!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, what a delicious late night snack/meal!! Haha! I always go for one thing and end up with lots of other stuff. I have been eating fruit and frozen yogurt lately like crazy...

Beautiful pictures, too!! I love how clean and bright they are!

Ruth said...

I jumped to your blog via your comment on my blog. Then I jumped onto your etsy to see your awesome artwork. Then I notice my good buddy, Justin Lyon!! How do you know him? Do we know each other(that may be a silly question)
Anyways great blog, great pictures.

Anonymous said...

thanks for following!

Andrea said...

That sanwich looks absolutly DECADENT!!! Oh yummy, I'll have a bite of that:)

Michelle Elizabeth said...

Your photos are beautiful! I never thought a sandwich could look so pretty!
Love it!

ISABELLE said...

well thank you...i am hungry...again... ;)
this is really sandwich love- your pictures are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that looks delicious!!!!!!

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