+ happy.st.patrick's.day!


so continuing on that whole "in my own world" thing...
i completely forgot today was St. Patrick's Day!
i needed to go to the bookstore to get more paper for drawing and as i was getting ready,
landon called me and said "hey if you wear green you'll get 20% off your paper"
i at first was like "green? why green?"
and then i looked at the date and i felt dumb yet again!!!
did i mention that was at 4PM?
what is happening to me?!
the more i keep drawing the more i'm in my own zone of brittany.

so anyways, to make the story short,
i quickly threw on a green shirt, ran up to the store, & got $4 off my paper pad.
YESSSSS thank you mr. st. patrick!

although i didn't remember, i think my sub-conscious did.
i made limeade today for lunch. and limeade is green!!!!!
how perfect.
cheers to st. patrick's day!


Chrissy said...

Wow, those photos are beautiful! Love them!
Happy St. Patty's!! xxx

Brooke T said...

oh my goodness love your shirt. I had nothing green in my closet..crazy I know and that limeade looks yummy! Where did you get those cups?

Brittany H. said...

Girl, whatever you're drinking there needs to be in my life. Is it limeade?

Lovely blog!

Karrie said...

Lookin hotttt. Work that green shirt. What's in the limeade?

Diana Smith said...

yay happy St. Patricks day!!

Aaron & Ashley said...

Happy St. Patty's day to you too! Love the photos!!

kylie said...

LOVE the blog changes. looks way good. thanks for including me on your "fab favs" :) honored!

btw love the st patty spirit. you are gorgeous.

♥ CheChe said...

your so beautifuL! I love the pictures on your blog. Always crisp and look good. ♥cheche

Nathan Williams said...

you take such great photos of food

It's just a Monday said...

Aw and happy belated St. Patricks day wishes to you pretty lady!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm finally having another giveaway on my blog. Lisa xx

Unknown said...

I didn't wear green either...because I didn't have a single greens shirt. How did that happen? Oh well. I ate a green salad! Haha.

Brissa said...

drinking out of mason jars is my favorite! also, you made your OWN limeade?! teach me!!

Ashley said...

you are ADORABLE, little lady! :) why have I never come across your blog before!!!???? i LOVE this st pattys day idea!

Lizzie B. said...

I've been looking at your entire blog and I LOVE it. This is Lizzie form C&C by the way. I love the pictures you take. They look so professional. What kind of lens do you use? I wish so dearly that I knew how to cook, or even put something yummy together. I don't have that talent. Do you go to BYU?

mary said...

And so...I realize this post is not about your hair, but it should be about your hair. Wait--Every. post. should be. about. your hair. Your hair is gorgeous! Smiles! happy weekend! xox!

Collections said...

mm that drink looks great, love that it matches your outfit!


Kandice Breinholt said...

this is probably my favorite st. patrick's day post out of all of 'em! that lemonade looks so refreshing, i want some!

i like the pictures you took with them too :)

carla thorup said...

gorg pictures (like, all over the blog.) and you really know how to work it with that delicious limeade.

Unknown said...

You are as cute as can be! And your photography is STUNNING! I am dreaming of that camera, it's on my wish list for sure!!!!

Unknown said...

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