20 wks. & 20 months


April 14, 2017 - 20 wks & 20 months old

I can't believe I'm already half way through my pregnancy! The first couple months felt so long and tortuous but now that I'm feeling better I continually forget how far along I am and sometimes that I'm even pregnant...just kidding that never happens.

20 wks. - Baby #2
• I'm carrying baby girl #2 in my belly compared to my back which means I have zero back pain (completely opposite of Juniper) but lots of pelvic pain, the pressure anytime I stand up makes me waddle already!
• Baby #2 moves CONSTANTLY. Like Juniper moved a lot and I felt her super early, like 15 wks, but with this pregnancy I am constantly feeling her move, even when I'm out walking or exercising I feel her.  This stresses me out a tad bit since Juniper was a horrible sleeper from day 1 and she never stayed still.  Just under 24 hrs of being born Juni was lifting her head and she was taking steps at 9 months and that was a lot for me to handle so I can't imagine having another baby like that with a toddler.  I of course am hoping for the best, but I'm also preparing myself since those Wood genes only got more intense/energetic with each boy! Yikes lol
• This pregnancy I'm craving pasta and vinegar tasting things! Which is weird because I have an aversion to garlic and a lot of pasta has garlic in it.  Olive Garden salad has been on my mind 24/7, so much that I even got mad at the fact that Landon didn't order me out one one night... looking back on it now, it obviously was raging hungry pregnant hormones but at the time I wasn't happy about it. Poor Landy.
• My allergies have been really bad this pregnancy just like they were with Juni.  I was going on 2 wks of maybe 3-4 hrs of sleep a night because I literally couldn't breathe through my nose or mouth, thankfully that's passed!
• We still don't have a name for baby #2, with Juniper I knew before I was even having a girl, and at the time I had like 10 girl names for back up but this time around it's hard finding something that goes nicely with Juniper, something that isn't super crazy, or super trendy.  I have one in mind but we're still not set on it, so I spend like an hour a night looking at names! help!

• • • • • • •

20 Months Juniper
• Juniper is talking all the time now, in full sentences and everything we love it! She is so smart and knows how to count to 20, she knows her shapes and colors and she's known her ABCs since she was 14 months.  She's been picking up on everything we say too, which isn't always the best, whenever she drops something she says "oh freak" or "oh crap" and whenever I yawn (which is A LOT) she says "mama is tired" or "mama is sick" which is so sad to me, but it's hard to hide with being pregnant!
• She is obsessed with picking her nose right now, which has its pros and cons.  The only upside to it is she will stay still in one spot which she's picking or if she's in the car she won't scream or cry because she's busy picking and then the cons are obvious. I try to stop her but when it's there constantly it's hard to! I'm hoping she'll get out of that phase soon.
• She's finally started to eat good. Her favorite foods right now are salmon (#1 top food for her), raisins (#2) and grilled cheese sandwiches.  She is obsessed with ice cream and treats, obviously what child isn't! But I rarely give her them so when we go get an ice cream with Daddy she is over the moon excited.
• I've been going to the YMCA to workout everyday and Juniper loves the play place there, she of course hates when I initially leave but when I pick her up she is so happy to be there.  She loves to interact with other kids, she does better with older children and following them around.

My beautiful blued eyed baby doll. I seriously can't believe she's mine!



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