2 Month Juniper


My baby is 2 MONTHS OLD! I can't believe it, it feels so old and in reality she's still brand new.  I'm SO soo in love with this little girl, I feel like my heart might explode at any second because of this love that I feel for her, it's the best feeling ever being her mommy.

• She is now wearing size 1 diapers and 3 month clothes, it's seriously depressing packing up her newborn clothes.

• She loves to look around and wants to see EVERYTHING, she's exactly like her daddy and is so observant.  She always wants to face out in my carrier and she will fight sleep just so she can watch me fold laundry or do really anything for that matter.

• She's now able to sit up in her Bumbo seat and I can actually get things done for 20 minutes at a time! It's a miracle. Hooray!

• She is the happiest when she wakes up and has the biggest smiles and giggles.

• She's trained mommy to not be able to sleep alone. I always said that I would never sleep with my baby and during her leap at 5 weeks and her getting no sleep, she now trained me to sleeping with her and I love it so much that I'm totally for it now. (and maybe it's mainly because Landon is gone for a month and I'm so lonely in bed?)

• She is still a diaper diva and we have to change her diaper every 20 minutes, not joking. If there is even a speck of poo she is screaming and once I change it she's happy as can be...and because of this we are going through an entire pack of diapers in 2 days. $$$$

We love you Juni bean! xoxo


Katie said...

look at those beautiful baby blues of hers! adorable

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Pasang Iklan Gratis said...

She looks so cute

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