3 Months Juni!


My baby girl is 3 months old!! Time has flown by and each day I feel blessed to be called her mommy. She has brought pure sunshine into my life while things have been hard for me health wise, she's such a blessing in my life.  

• She is still in size 1 diapers but is now wearing 3-6 months clothes...all of her onesies are 6 months because she is so long.

• She is so happy and loves to laugh, talk and smile.

• She can now roll from tummy to back and back to tummy... she rolled probably 10 times in like 2 minutes this morning, she is an active little girl.

• She loves to suck on her hands and her THUMB! I seriously think it's the cutest even though I know it will be a pain later on, but cuteness always wins.

• She still hates hates the carseat and just wants to be held and by held I mean wants to be standing at all times, if that makes sense?

• She always wants to watch everything and is a wide eyed babe most of the time.

• She still sleeps with mommy and is my little buddy.


Beverly Houpt said...

Her little sweater is the cutest!

Emily said...

She is adorable!!!


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