Birthday BB


Yesterday I turned twenty-four!! This past year has been great but I can only keep looking forward to this next year and dreaming up how much even greater it will be.  I'm so grateful for how supportive and loving my family and husband are and for making me always feel so special.

Our plan was to keep my birthday low key... because that's really the only way I like it.
Landon skipped his first class and we went and splurged on acaí bowls and then my bestest friend came over for lunch and we talked and caught up with everything in life.  Our plans that night was just for Landon and I to go to dinner and then spend the rest of the night together watching movies and cuddling.  I already got my birthday present in Indonesia, so I wasn't expecting anything on my birthday.  Landon bought me a beautiful pearl ring while we were there but as we were driving to dinner he had a surprise for me! He drove me over to Michaels and set me free like a wild child.  We walked away with a dream arm load of art supplies and I am currently in heaven just wanting to get this post finished so I can start creating!! Landon is the most supportive husband of my art and I couldn't of found anyone better for me. Thanks babe and I love you :)
Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday and making me feel so special!


Bri Lamkin said...

Lovely. Sounds like a great birthday to me. :) Happy 24 years! I will be joining that club at the end of the year. This post makes me not so freaked out about it. :)

Unknown said...

awe so cute, glad you had a good bday. you look beautiful! i wish you could teach me some art haha!

Emily said...

makes me happy you have somebody so supportive of your creativity!! Glad you had a wonderful day!

Beate said...

Happy belated birthday :)
You're so beautiful - wonderful pics! Glad you had such an amazing day.

Unknown said...

i really liked your blog and the photos were amazing

kylie said...

awesome. love these photos, so so cute.

ps you're an amazing artist - who wouldn't support that?! amazing i tell you! landon's awesome and so are you.


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