Road Trip Pt. 3 - Seattle


So I kinda accidentally forgot to take pictures in Portland... I don't know how that happened because it's one of my favorite cities but we were busy eating delicious ice cream at Salt & Straw (Landon got the blue cheese and pear and loved it... of course because it has cheese in it!) and we were busy hanging out with great friends we had in undergrad. So after Portland we went to visit our family friends in Seattle and spent an extra day there before we crossed the border to Canada.
Seattle is one of my favorite cities! I just love so much about it and enjoy the markets gathering fresh flowers and produce.  We've been there so much that we wanted to do some different things while visiting; so we went to visit the ole Fremont Troll and went on an awesome intense hike that I opted not to bring my heavy-weight camera on!  As always we enjoyed ourselves and will be back there this Christmas!


kylie said...

so pretty. love portland and love salt & straw. one of my favs!

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