Road Trip Pt. 2


We had a 2 week road trip ahead of us and this was our first night... camping amongst the giant Redwoods.  I'm usually overly prepared for everything and pack everything that we might ever need, but since we were going to live out of our car for the next 2 weeks Landon talked me into packing the very bare minimum.

As we found our camping spot just as the sun was leaving and the cold night was coming in, we realized the only thing we brought for sleeping bags or for keeping us warm was 2 very thin blankets.  And then we realized we both didn't bring one pair of pants!! We simply just packed for a "californian" summer and all Landon brought was shorts and all I brought was skirts.  So this all made for a very interesting nights sleep.

Looking back, I can't really remember the details of our sleep (which is probably a good thing) and all I can remember is our short exploration through the Redwoods that morning.  I really just love it there, no matter how many times I visit. It's always an awe inspiring time just looking up and realizing how very very small you really are and how very big this world can be. We took most of these pictures bright and early with our sleepy eyes and hopped back in the car for a very long drive up to Portland.


sara miller said...

Those trees! <3

Anna Zimmerman said...

These photos are amazing! Really.

Unknown said...

Wow...what a majestic place!

kylie said...

yep. awesome.


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