Custom Charcoal Portraits


After over 1 1/2 years of break time, my shop is back and ready for custom charcoal portraits!!
Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I am having a special of $75 per portrait until March.  So order your portraits today!!
I posted an example of what a family ordered and how they displayed it in their home, I love how it looks!
Click on my shop on the right sidebar!! -->

And an extra little deal is, if you repost this on your blog with a link to my shop/blog and then comment back with a link, you can get $10 off, a deal for $65!! Or you can Instagram it with a link to my shop for $5 off, a deal for only $70!! Do one or the other and save some money on your next portrait!!

Thanks everyone for your support, us lil independent artists really appreciate it!! :)


Bri Lamkin said...

these are beautiful. Someday I will get one, I hope. When I'm not so poor.

elle.crews said...

I just emailed you! Woo Hoo!

Beverly Houpt said...

If I had the money....
These are really beautiful. You're very talented.

bobbi said...

These are so, so gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

you are so incredibly talented. i hope to one day own one of these beauties!

Gilina said...

nice decorative! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Unknown said...

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