Artisan Bread


Okay, so if you've been reading my blog, you know I've been on a mission to make that perfect artisan baker's bread.  I've tried numerous times, but haven't hit the spot yet....until now.  My sister's sister-in-law is awesome and has the best cookbooks ever and let me borrow her bread making book.  I read it all morning, reading the techniques, the science behind it all and the how-to's. It really opened my eyes to another art! The recipe I used called for flour, water, yeast & salt, simple and nothing special, but it's all about the art of making it, the steps you take and the detailed little things that really make a difference. So I can share the recipe but it really wouldn't make a difference, so if you'd like to give it a try go find the book The River Cottage - Bread Handbook. It has so many recipes that I will be trying, and there are lots of helpful tricks and hints to getting the perfect loaf. Only problem with this experimenting is I have loaves of bread stacking up with no appetite to eat them all! So if you ever come over, come with empty bellies :)


Jane said...

they look amazing! i am so impressed. i love bread. especially how cozy it feels to bake homemade bread. i'll have to check out that book.

Emily said...

BEAUTIFUL bread!! Keep the book as long as you want!

Annabelle said...

You serious? Even a simple loaf looks amazing!! I can practically feel its warmth out of the oven :)

Liz said...

I would love to drop by your place for some fresh bread. Bread and warm brie - that is what I want to eat all winter.

Unknown said...

They look amazing.
This is a link

Jill said...

I don't think I have ever lacked an appetite for bread. I could eat it all day long!

I love baking bread too although I've never tried anything that could be considered artisan. Did you try to trick with putting some water in the oven? I've always wanted to do that but I've read warnings that it can break your oven and that freaks me out a little bit!

Jill said...

PS these loaves look gorgeous!

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Hummer said...

I love baking bread. There's something so satisfying about it.

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