The Streets of India


Photobucket Here's a little taste of the streets of India. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I'm saying there are tons of people everywhere! The middle photos was probably the worst street we had to walk through, even though it looks like rush hour, this is a common site in most streets in India.


Jocee said...

for some reason, i'm really loving the cow in the gifs. fantastic! all of it.

Rachel said...

I squeezed through a street that looked just like that in Nepal...and ripped a massive hole in my dress on some chaps bicycle handlebar! I think he was more embarrassed than me though! I love the cow too! -what a great insight!

Jane said...

THIS IS AMAZING! ya---all caps.

Julia said...

outstanding photography! your photos really draw me into the experience.

Anna Zimmerman said...

Wow. This is amazing and so crowded. I can't help but stare at the longhorn/bull that's standing there so calmly, not moving at all. Haha. Obviously not phased.

Sophie said...

woah! how crazy! your photos are absolutely stunning!

Giovanna said...

Wow! Great photos! Love the animation!


Brooklyn said...

wowza! your photos are absolutely awesome! my husband really want to take a trip to india...maybe one day!

Kristina said...

Crazy!! Loving the first animation, how cool is that!!

Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

Gorgeous photos! Totally makes me want to visit India now. Hopefully someday!

Sara said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Always wanted to visit there. Hope to someday. ;)


Unknown said...

These are FABULOUS photos! I almost feel like I'm actually there :)

xo Shane

imrachelnicole said...

My goodness!

Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

Megan Hollenback said...

wow india is insane!

Ann Marie said...

beautiful! so happy to have stumbled here into your pretty little world. this will be a good distraction indeed.

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