Coca-Cola World


 We took a trip to Coca-Cola World this weekend and filled our minds with Coke facts and our bellies with 60+ different Coke products!  We watched short films about Coke, saw many old Coke artifacts, and got to drink as much soda as we wanted! We were able to try Coke products from Africa, Asia, Latin America,  Europe and some from North America that we weren't too familiar with; I think my favorite was a bitter lemon drink from Africa and Landon's favorite was Inca-Kola from South America.  At the end of it we had mega sugar headaches, sticky shoes from all the soda, and were brainwashed to drink only Coke from here on out for the rest of our lives!! It was super fun and if you ever come to Atlanta it is a must see site!


Unknown said...

love the new blog design, looks amazing! and love this post, what a rad place. i would LOVE to go to the south. enjoy your summer there!

Emily said...

Hahaha!! Sounds fun! The only "exotic" Coke I've had is Mexican Coke. Sugary goodness!


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