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Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!!

especially to my own...
so of course everyone thinks their mother is the best...
BUT let me tell you why i think my momma is the best:

she was a single mother and raised 4 children-
while going back to school, working, and taking care of my 89 yr. old grandpa for 10+ years.

she raised us all so well in the gospel and we
are all now married to amazing people sealed for time and all eternity.

she got her MASTERS degree this past year,
all starting from scratch when my dad left 15 years ago.
yahoo mom, you were my motivation for my education!!

she is the best teacher and has been teaching Autistic children
for the past 8 years, & got her own classroom within these past few years.
she is their angel.

she is the BEST grandma in the world and
will drop anything to spend some quality time in with the babies...
can't wait till we have our babies!! they are SO lucky!

and lastly SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND who is ALWAYS there for me. in the last years of high school it was always me + her: eating, shopping, running errands, talking till the early mornings - practically everything you do with your best friend. i've always told her everything and i love her soooo much. she is such an inspiration to never give up, to love unconditionally, and to just be happy.

these photos have ALL my MOST favorite people on this planet [minus landon]
my mother, niece savi, nephew brady, and 2 new baby nephews austin & nathaniel.
brady being a sweetie giving kisses to his sleepy, chunky baby brother

and to Momma Joan...
THANK YOU for raising the best son ever!
he is such a compassionate, intelligent, mature, creative, kind-hearted, spiritually, strong man .
you must of been the most loving mother to raise a son like him, and i'm continually grateful.
we love you & miss you!

this is a quote that landon has used to describe his mother... and i love it.
so i made it all pretty to share with you ladies on this special day:


Unknown said...

Beautiful Mother's Day post! I can't wait to have our babies either. They will be blessed as well!

Jane said...

So sweet! Loved your Mother's Day post.


Jane said...

So sweet! Loved your Mother's Day post.


Erin Ward said...

How sweet! You have such a great momma. And that quote is the best! Love it. :)

girluntitled said...

oh i love that poem...and mothers...and boys with good mothers!! oh happy day!!

Mariel Torres said...

your mom sounds like an outstanding woman!

Off Label Mama said...

Wow. Your mother sounds truly remarkable! What an example of strength and love.

Juillet Clair said...

lovely post!
you're sure have a wonderful mom! :D


Jenn said...

Love this post! I was waiting for one from you. Our mom is the BEST! LOVE HER! I also love all those pictures of her and the babies...so cute. I have never seen a pic of Landon's mom, she is beautiful!

LCR said...

This is a beautiful post- these momma's must feel so special!
Also, I wanna say thanks for your thoughts and input on my big Australia choice- so nice to have all this support in the blog world:) I think i'm leaning towards the advice- maybe yes- it will be a great adventure!!

Faith Garff said...

i have to agree in saying your mom is the best!

she is an inspiration. is there anything that lady can't do.

much of my childhood was spent at your house, your mom was always so nice and such a good example to me.

Happy Mother's Day Laura!

LSto125 said...

love you Faith! Britt, thanks for this lovely post! So special in everyway! I have to agree with you about Joan, she did raise some wonderful boys! She would be so proud! Love ya!

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

Your Mom sounds like an amazing amazing person!

my first giveaway :)


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