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yesterday landon & i were officially married, we finally got our printed Marriage Certificate!!
and maybe some of you are thinking... uh didn't you get married in November? it's been 6 months!
well yes, we had some complications, to make the long story short... the man who married us
wrote down the wrong date on our license, and maybe that wouldn't be too big of a deal, BUT
landon was in the process of filing for permanent residency... and anything potentially sketchy
could not work in our favor. so we filled out papers and waited patiently and we finally have
the certificate and we finally sent in his immigration papers! YAY!

and this mini novel all leads up to:
the fact that we had to go to downtown Riverside to get our certificate, which then led to
getting tasty cupcakes at Casey's Cupcakes and then walking around beautiful Mission Inn.
which definitely means lots of photos!

So about Casey's Cupcakes:
my sister-in-law & brother came across this cute shop and found out that they won Cupcake Wars... which is one of my many favorite Food Network shows. so i knew that it was a necessity to go try a cupcake! everything was perfect and pink and just OH SO CUTE!

we bought six of them for my family and we all got to try a little of each one. so good!

after our cupcake run we walked around Mission Inn... and since oranges are known from
coming from California, of course there is going to be an orange tree in the middle of the
shopping center. landon got so excited that he ran up and got one!

at the Mission Inn
after our time spent in Riverside, we drove down and met my mother for lunch on her break
and then took the kids to feed the ducks! which is obviously saved for my next post! :)


melissa said...

Wow!!! That cupcake store looks amazing! So beautiful!!! Great photos! xoxo

Natalie Naomi said...

Amazing photos, Amazing cupcakes. What camera system do you use?

Juillet Clair said...

great pictures
beautiful store :D
cute cupcakes!


mary said...

Well Congratulations pretty couple of married people! Complications= go figure! It made for a pretty special celebration though! Your eye for photos is unparalelled! Love your style! Hope you are enjoying those cupcakes with a tall glass of milk all weekend beauty! xox!

ATTrio said...

Congrats!! Love those pix :)

arielle elise. said...

oh wow....those look amazing! what a cute little shop :) lovely pictures as always!

Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures as always. I love a good cupcake... :)

Congrats on finally being married :)

Off Label Mama said...

Ooooooh what a hassle about your license! That really sucks. Hopefully the immigration process can keep going smoothly. <3

Collections said...

Omg this is the best post ever. You got to go to one of the shops that was not only on cupcake wars but won it!! I'm so jealous. I love that show (amongst many others on the food channel). Congrats on the certificate :)

Collections & Shopbop GIVEAWAY

Emily said...

I watched that episode of Cupcake Wars. This store is exactly what I pictured her's to look like :) I'm glad that you guys are having a good time in California.

J Kozak said...

Banyan felt the same way as Landon when he saw all the orange trees dripping with oranges in Spain. We had a collection of oranges in our bag almost everyday! I'll try and post a few pics for you guys.

Katie said...

Looks great! I Love cup-cakery's!

ben+alex said...

brittany! at the end of last semester i flew to southern california to meet my family for my little brother and sisters mock trial competition and fell IN LOVE with riverside.
i seriously think it's the most beautiful town.
i'm so jealous.
and those cupcakes look DELISH.


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