+ early.morning.


it's 2:30AM in the morning... and i'm drawing.
well maybe i'm blogging right now, but i need a breather.
i found these photos i took awhile ago and they seemed appropriate for the post.
i find to draw the best in the early mornings,
not a sound in the house,
and not a sound outside.
it's the only way i don't get distracted.
i'm finishing up one portrait and got one more to go...
[what's kinda funny for me, landon told me he is going to try to get up EARLY to study for his
test, and i told him i was going to stay up LATE to finish up my work. i go to bed when he
wakes up. that's normal right?!]

here is my tool box full of my tools.
a bit messy, but that's how i work, and why i love charcoal the best!
you can always find my black finger prints all over our white keyboard,
desk, fridge handle, and landon's face. oops! :/
i think landon's gotten used to it all and doesn't mind messy fingerprints everywhere,
and plus if anything i'm preparing him for children right?!

and today i said a bittersweet goodbye to Louise & Sandra.
Louise was my absolute favorite and was actually framed on my wall.
i decided to put her up on Etsy and she sold!
and it's no surprise with those good-looks and attitude.
it's kind of silly, but i was telling landon these are like my babies.
i create them,
i name them,
and i'm proud of them.
like your own children right?
well i sent them off on their way,
hope they make me proud.


and this past week i received a pleasant little email from one of my customers all the way over
in Australia! She recently redid her room, which looks fabulous and i must say i'm dying for
that pretty chandelier. Well the two portraits i drew of them are hanging right above their bed
and i love it! thanks so much Kelly for your business, it was so fun to get to know you.
to see more photos from her blog click here.

here is a simplified playlist of the one i've been listening to for the past few days.
landon has them memorized practically and as we were building with clay tonight he was singing along and caught me off guard. so funny.
all girl singers= more energy and better drawing for me.
i need that girl power sometimes, ya know what i mean?

so i thought i would share a few of my favorites:

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones
within this next week i will hopefully- FINALLY update my shop. i've been on a slacking-too busy run for awhile so it's time to get back on track. hopefully i will order some more paper for new fancy books, paint some more purses, and create more of my babies. :) stay tuned!


Sarah said...

I love your drawings, they are so beautiful. My husband and I are the same as you guys. Except he works till late in the night and I wake super early to work. I like it nice and quiet too. Good thinking time. PS I was trying to look at your etsy shop and it didnt connect? Let me know, do you ever draw portraits from pictures or do you not like to?

Sarah said...

Ok I found you on Etsy :) I love Julia, she is beautiful. But still let me know if you draw from pictures and how much does it cost? you can email me

AjoyBrush said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog because now I get to see yours! And let me just say, you are so amazingly talented! Your blog just brightened my day! First, the pictures you took. Stunning. & second those drawings. gorgeous!


Gabriella said...

Your drawing skills are really good! The portraits are beautiful!

Mallory Hanna said...

Lovely work. That room in Austrailia looks so great with the portraits above the bed! You are so talented.

Karrisa_T said...

Wow! I love your drawings! I used to dabble in charcoal and drawings but now, I don't have the time or the energy to devote to it. Sad... I certainly am not as good as you haha I love how I could feel emotions from your portraits' eyes.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Becca said...

oh i loveee the picture one of your customers took with the drawings. i bet that is such a great feeeling to see it up in someone's home!

love it!

ali v. said...

not only are your photos beautiful, your drawings are IMPECCABLE. I love how attached you are to your work...as you should be! so happy to have found your blog. the layout is lovely and the content is fabulous! can't wait to read more from you! xoxo {av}

Unknown said...

Wow. You are incredibly talented. I love your style. I used to draw a long time ago, but I stopped. I think I might start up again. Again, so beautiful!

Emily said...

I have to tell you, I'm a fan of Sandra and her drama! LOL! I think it's so exciting for you to have original work sell! Adela is the other one I really like. Her hair is too cute! Congrats on the sales!! The portraits look lovely!

kylee said...

okaaayyy our drawings? amazing. love them.

Ashlee Gadd said...

I am so happy I just stumbled across your blog! You are SO talented....I love the custom portraits in your etsy shop! ;)

Brittany Rossman said...

You are very talented!! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog..sometimes I feel like no one is reading so it made my day =) Cool name by the way!!

kELLY said...

it's official. i want to be you. i found your blog today- but right before i had to go to work, so i came back for round two.

HELLOO gorgeous wedding, and drawings, and people!


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