+ valentine's.weekend.


landon started off friday with a dozen of these beauties...
we then spent the night drinking Starbucks and
reading cookbooks together at barnes & noble.
then had a spontaneous midnight run to Winco, our favorite date place, and
bought tons of unexpected and different things to try this week.

saturday was the day we celebrated Valentine's Day from him because
he will be busy till tomorrow late,
and let me tell you that the EXACT same thing i had planned for him, he did for me.
maybe sometimes i give what i like or want, so let's just say he knows me WELL.
it was a dream and tomorrow night my Valentine's plans will be in play,
whatever they may be i need to change everything now!


The Thomas' said...

Brittany you are fabulous!!! I totally found your blog through Becca a couple of weeks ago and became a follower. You are so talented it is ridiculous. Ya I would love to see the pictures. tayloredwards22@gmail.com
I heard you were doing the Spring line. I am so excited to see all the pictures!

ben+alex said...

um your wedding pictures. are you serious? why are you guys such a model couple? gorgeous!!! i am so excited we found each other. i will be following you as well:) and stalking your blog on a daily basis.

Unknown said...

I normally don't like flowers that much, but those are so beautiful!

I hope you had a wonderful v-day weekend!


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