+ mini.date.


two days ago me & this cutie below went on a mini-date.
i started the date off with some homemade broccoli soup [pictures&post to come] and he
finished the date by taking me on campus. he first took me to the art gallery here on campus &
we took a look at all the beautiful prints, i love to look at the new series & work they put
up. he then took me to his building of knowledge...the chemistry building. we took a look at
the rock museum there along with the fish aquarium. it was fun and a perfect little quick date
in between his study sessions & classes. he is always so sweet & thinking of any extra time he
can squeeze in for me&him time.

the rock museum

it's so crazy to me that nature can do this on it's own.
too much for my mind to take in, which is why i stick to art. :)

i love all the bright vibrant colors in the aquarium, and if my bro-in-law
[salt-water tank extraordinaire] could see the endless types of coral i think he would die.

if landon & i were shrimps this is what we'd do all day.


emily said...

how very cool. i love mini dates. especially when aquariums are involved.

Becca said...

such a sweet idea, and free!!

Mallory Hanna said...

Loved looking at all these pictures, what an awesome little date.

Ashley said...

i just came across your blog! You are seriously soooooo pretty!!!!!!! i love your blog and your pictures!

Lacy said...

I love the site and your pictures are amaaazing. You have some serious talent. Keep up the good work!


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