these are fun for me to fill out and then it lets you get to know me a little bit better!

1. The TV/show/website that I watch/read that I would be embarrassed to tell anyone about is:
I would say The Bachelor, but I've realized that every girl in America + their husbands are
into it so maybe I would say Gangland... let's just say Landon & I watched 2 episodes last
night and I literally woke up from a nightmare of dead shot bodies all over a train track, what
a horrible sleep! This morning I talked to Landon about cutting it down a bit with Gangland.

2. An item of clothing that is worn and torn but that I love far to much to throw away is:
Does it count if it's not my item of clothing? I would have to say Landon's hoodie, it is torn
around the hands and keeps falling apart thread by thread but I love wearing all of his
clothes so much and maybe that's why our laundry is full of his clothes and not mine :)

3. My grocery store impulse buy is:
Okay so it's either expensive fruit like the ONE grapefruit I bought yesterday with a ridiculous
price but just couldn't resist, or Soft Strawberry Licorice, and if you haven't tried them you
have to, I even put a link to what it looks like because I'm so for it.

4. Something I do at work to pass time that I wouldn't want my co-workers to know is:
Well since I do not work at an official office or real job and just draw all day, I'd say I don't
want my husband to know [which he already does] that sometime I waste time blog hopping,
but what girl doesn't get caught up in that?

5. One thing in my life that I could give up, but never will is:
Staying up late! I've been trying to go to bed early with Landon, but that only means I scratch
his back until he is completely asleep because I'm FULL of energy. I don't know what it is, but
my mind starts racing at 1AM-3AM constantly and I feel like that's when my creative juices get
flowing. I guess Landon & I are a good team, he likes his head & back scratched and I do it
every night because I'm always wide awake.

6. A little indulgence I have is:
Pepsi! When I start wigging out the only thing to settle it is Pepsi. All those bad chemicals
are like the puzzle pieces missing inside of my body. We need each other, uh okay I'm just
kidding I sound like an addict but I'm not! I've been really good and rarely drink soda...
except for yesterday's Thirsty Thursday deal at Horkley's. Oops.

7. The junk drawer/area in my house is:
My side of the bed/floor. It's not like I'm proud of it or want to admit this, but Landon was
just making jokes about it with me and he would catch my lie if I didn't admit it :/
Let's just say I only have some candy wrappers, a few earrings, chapsticks, polaroid pictures,
chocolates, cups, socks, ear plugs, water bottles, and a little bit of everything else that I
insist of keeping by my bed! ;)


Bri said...

The side of my bed is my junk spot too! I like to keep everything else tidy, but that's my catch-all spot to put everything! Luckily it's on the hidden side of my bedroom, so no one looking in through the hallway of my house would see :)

Unknown said...

Nice. I wear one of my hubby's sweatshirts all the time too. It's just so comfy!

PS: just found your blog. You and your husband are adorable, your wedding photos are beyond gorgeous, and I am loving your cute little blog, little lady!


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