+ eggs.


so last time at the grocery store i splurged a bit and bought the
Omega 3 eggs-all natural-10x more Vitamin E than regular eggs-vegitarian fed chicken's eggs.
you know, the most expensive eggs at the store?
well maybe the all natural stuff is a little plus,
but to be honest the thing that always catches my eye is the color of them.
i love the creamy tan color & yes you might be thinking i'm weird,
BUT please keep in mind,
i'm an artist & i appreciate good color & shape.
and that's just what these eggs had!
[also know that i never grew up on a ranch :) ]

so i took a few shots of the little pretties.
and once i get my own house & paint it with mixed and matched colors all over,
i'm thinking of a whole wall of food photos in the kitchen, a collage of them!
and if you want to steal my idea, why not buy a few of my photos!?
so if you like what you're seeing, or have a request of a pretty fruit, email me :)

i like this one because it looks like 2 eggs kissing.
left egg: me right egg: landon

well, the egg's lives were getting close to the end & i had 6 of them,
so to save the eggs before they all went bad i made egg salad sandwiches for lando & i.
yum! one of my favorites that my mom would make and surprisingly i
haven't made these up at school yet.


emily said...

who knew eggs could be so gorgeous? i have been buying the most expensive eggs lately. and i like to do it. i feel happy inside :)

Unknown said...

Look at you being all healthy! Those look just like the eggs that used to come from our chicken we had growing up...and I didn't grow up in the country. Nope. My mom just wanted them. So we had some chickens in our backyard...in the city. I'm scarred for life...which is probably why I can't eat eggs anymore.

Jane said...

What beautiful photography you have!!!
Thanks for coming out and saying hi over at my blog. I am always surprised when I find out someone other than my family and friends read my blog.
I'll add you to my reader right away.

Alexis Kaye said...

This is awesome! you are adorable! :)

Jo said...

Just found your blog, so cute!!

Jenn said...

Mom made some egg salad today too, it was yummy!

Shay said...

Your blog is so adorable! I love that you got so inspired by something as simple as eggs- and you are gorgeous, by the way;-)


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