+ animals.


so if you know me well,
you know that i don't like animals.
i don't want pets
with the exception of fish, some shrimps or anything else contained
in a pretty glass bowl with pretty little pebbles.
i don't know why exactly,
maybe because i grew up in Horsetown, U.S.A and everybody
and their mother + baby sister owned 5 horses along with another 10 animals!
but don't get me wrong,
if you have 50 cats i don't have anything against you.

well the point to all this is,
i've been asked to draw people's animals before
and without hesitation i say i don't draw animals...
well i got 2 requests of dogs recently to go along with their family portraits
and i thought i needed to give it a try -thinking only business here-
so here's my first shot at it

i still have some finishing touches i have to do,


the point of this post is to ANNOUNCE that i'm now drawings animals!!!


calling to all animal-lovers in Norco or anywhere else you are,
if you want some simplified charcoal portraits of your dogs/cats

i'm your lady.

visit here.


Becca said...

ok incredible!!! so freakin talented!!

Jenn said...

uhm ok ...you can do my boxer too. lol!! that's really good britt!!


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