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remember how i said i was going to try to get up with landon every morning and cook him breakfast?!
well surprisingly that's still in play :)
...for some mornings.
and yesterday i made these buttermilk banana pancakes.
we keep going to bed so late, and i think it's mostly my fault because
that's when i'm the most awake in the entire day, and he was so exhausted
that he had to go to bed early and then wake up at 7AM to study! ...being an art major,
i've never gotten up that early to study- heck i've just never gotten up that early period!
so yesterday morning i felt bad for him to get up and go out in the freezing cold house,
so i whipped up some of these along with fruit salad + yogurt. i wish i would of made
some today because looking at these photos is making me hungry again!
for today it's just another grapefruit and some hot cereal.

the recipe is from martha stewart, i've been making these since i was a baby
& they never disappoint me. :)
click here to get the recipe.


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

MMMmm... those pancakes look so good and are making me so hungry!

Unknown said...

Those look delicious!
P.S. I gave you an award :)
Cardigans and Cookie Dough


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