+ boise.


we are back from boise!
our weekend consisted of eating lots of food & relaxing!
i didn't take as many photos as i was hoping but here a few snapshots.
ps. all of these look like we only eat sugar and sweets, but that's not always true.

the great wall of chocolate cake with pineapple+cococut ice cream = heaven!!!

giving lando a tour of boise city

we stopped by a little diner with famous scones & malts.
i have been looking forward to these for sooo long and they were absolutely perfect.

on the way to/from boise i always see this group of trees randomly on
the side of the highway. i've always wanted to stop and take photos but it's
kinda dangerous being so close to the highway and all.
landon made my dreams come true, like always, and we quickly stopped & ran over to the
patch of beautifully lined trees... i snapped some photos quickly and this is what i got

-don't mind our travel gear :)

no big deal, my husband always runs on the side of semi's.
i snapped this while we were running back,
it really wasn't as dangerous as it looks.


kylie said...

my stomping grounds! say hello! and i have always wanted to take pictures of those trees, too. so glad you did - they turned out awesome!

brandilyn said...

LOVING those trees! totally worth the danger :)

emily said...

what a lovely trip. i was born in boise and lived there for 11 years so i do have a soft spot in my heart for it :)
love these photos.

janis said...

those desserts look so yummy! and those trees - amazing! the photos turned out lovely!

Unknown said...

Those rows of trees are so picturesque! My husband and i had some of our engagement pictures taken at a place similar to that.


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