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this is my etsy shop...to go straight to my shop click on this below!

i'm starting out with a MEGA deal for a little blast off with my shop...
buy 2 custom portraits for only $50!!
they are originally $40 each!
It's perfect for Valentines coming up... couple/lover portraits!
and when can you buy a portrait for that cheap...never!
best thing about it is i will have it drawn and shipped to you the same week you order it!

here are some examples:
i drew the ellsworths for a little thank you gift/surprise for doing my wedding and always being so generous!
here is miss lyndzee

and here is the roggg

if custom portraits aren't your thing buy these fashionista girls and have your own original collection! makes perfect art for your walls/salons/studios!!


if artsy portraits/fashion girls aren't for you buy yourself a new handmade journal/sketchbook!!!
leather, coptic stitch, or fun playful covers are all original.


if you couldn't tell i'm excited!
i have four new books on their way tonight, and more custom portraits to show!!!
keep your eyes open and keep checking up on my shop!

spread the news,
share the love, &
help a fellow artist out!

- brittany wood :)


kylie said...

love all the latest posts! you are a blogging Fein! i have no idea how to spell that...

post more food posts... i am really liking it

Brittany said...

Thank you, with no school and no work, blogging and taking photos is taking over my life!!!

Faith Garff said...

can you please make me a journal or something... i love them!

Kailee said...

Wow. You are mega talented. I'm in awe of your pictures. If I had money I would totally buy one of the fashion ones...maybe I will when i get a chance. They're amazing! I like your little journals too, they're cute. I will definitely be back to see more. :)


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