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[i've always loved new music.
when i was younger and i got a spare few dollars of cash... i would spend it on a cd, all money went towards new music.
i would spend hours on the computer finding free downloads and finding new bands to listen to.
as time has passed i don't spend nearly as much time doing that, but i still find myself searching new artists listening to all their songs, writing down my favorites, and then buying them.
my mom always loved my new little finds and i every now and then send her cd mixes.
so i thought once a week i'd share a few good songs i'm liking that week.
called music mania.]

Top 5 of the Week:
1. Metric - Stadium Love
2. Winterpills - Hide Me
3. The Rosewood Thieves - Los Angeles
4. James Morrison - Better Man
5. Joy Williams - One of Those Days


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