let me tell you a little bit about me when i was just a little girl.

when i was around the age 10 or so, i absolutely loved baking cookies, cutting roses from the garden and bringing them inside and putting them in a vase, and (even with how embarrassing this is) acting like i was on a cooking show, explaining EVERY step i was doing. and when i was in charge of what to watch, i chose martha stewart. my family all can agree that i was like this and they still say little jokes about being martha, being perfect, or that it's all about presentation.

well time has passed and i've thought nothing of it. although the only channel i watch on tv is the food network, and a few reality shows every now and then. and until i've been married and living on my own i am now realizing how i really haven't changed much.
i love fresh cut flowers from ANYWHERE and i pretty much need them 24/7 on the table once spring hits, i love to bake, cook, and clean and make everything presentable, and now that i have my camera, i love taking photos of everything i do and make!

landon is such a support with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING i do and i love him so much. i especially love how he loves to cook with me and thinks of creative meals and pull things from the fridge and make a masterpiece.

and today that's just what we did.

we were going to have this meal for dinner last night but our good friends came into town so we rushed to thai food. so today for lunch we had fetticine noodles tossed in a parmesan, garlic vinigrette, topped with sauteed asparagus, onion, fresh sliced tomatoes, and bacon. i made a side salad mixed with romaine and spinach topped with cucumber, carrots and crutons. and my homemade french bread was served on the side. such a healthy meal and so so fresh we couldn't of wanted anything more.

i'm excited to keep this whole homemaker thing going.




caught landon in the middle of chewing, still thought this was cute :)



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