+ finals!


aaaaah i'm going crazy...
reviewing over 30 different spanish stories i've read over this semester, memorizing the author and where they are from is making my mind all confused and blended together!
i think i will start speaking spanish-english gibberish... which is not good for finals week.
our test is mostly quote identifications, which in my opinion is not easy when it's all in spanish and it's already hard to translate!!
but landon has it worse....
this was him at noon after lunch:

(i call him my lil mexican sleepyhead, because his mustache and poncho)

he studied this morning before lunch and then has been at school since 1pm and said he will most likely be done at 8!!
he is in BioChem, which makes it all more understandable.
but still!!!

to keep me sane,
i just watched the last 4 videos of Americas Next Top Model... our internet decided to work tonight so i took advantage of it.
and i've been listening to this song non-stop yesterday & today, you can ask landon.


Neolon Light said...

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