Happy Birthday Juniper!


On July 18th my baby turned 1! It was very bittersweet for me, it has been so hard for me to not have my baby be a baby anymore yet I love watching her grow and develop into her own self.  She has quite the personality and we are crazy crazy in love with her! 

If I had to think of one word to describe her it would be ENERGY! lol She has proven to be more and more like her daddy each day... those Wood genes run strong.  She doesn't sit still until she is completely passed out to sleep and loves to observe and touch everything.  Her favorite thing to do is to climb.  If she sees stairs she HAS to go up and down them otherwise it turns into a temper tantrum.  She climbs up behind the couch on a wooden shelf and tosses herself off the back landing on the couch... and almost giving me a heart attack every time.  She is obsessed with the beach, once we arrive she is running to the water at full speed and there's nothing stopping her.  It was surprising to us since Landon and I both aren't crazy about the beach, but since being in RI we go every week. She says lots of words: yeah, mama, dada, up, down, hot, stop, cheese, moo for moon, and more words that I can't remember right now. 
She is super lovable and gives kisses on the lips on command every time, Landon and I love it and probably get 10+ kisses every night before we go to sleep.  She is a very picky eater and has to feed herself.  She still is a horrible sleeper and wakes up at a minimum of 3 times and up to 6 times a night! I feel like it has to do with all the traveling and now that we are in a 1 bedroom apartment it hasn't helped.  She still loves to nurse and is attached to me. She is obsessed with books, so obsessed that I have to hide them otherwise we can't do any else all day long.  And she loves loves to run and be free and do everything that I don't want her to do, but what child doesn't? :)

I love that I was able to get a straight on shot with her sweet smile!

This is Juniper to a T in these next two photos.  She is either mad because she wants to be let free to run or she is crazy laughing and so silly!

We took these photos in the stairwell at our complex and it was 80+ degrees with like 75% humidity and all Juniper wanted to do was run down the stairs (her favorite activity) so we had to do these photos in like 5 minutes and we were trying to distract her or move her back to the wall every 5 minutes.  It was funny... and exhausting, but you'd never know looking at these photos :)

And now for her birthday party! I took these photos before her official party that we had so that I didn't have to worry about getting the perfect shot (photographer mom problems).  And she was loving the frosting but didn't dig into the cake.

For her official party... I didn't take one single photo (so sad!) and just have a video with everyone singing to her.  Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. On the way to go get the food before everyone came, our car battery died so none of the decorations were finished, nothing was ready and the food wasn't there! And everyone in RI lives 15+ min away so it's not like we could switch the time last minute. And then once everyone came and the food was there, she was ready for a nap and just cried when anyone looked at her.  It was a birthday to remember but I was glad we could celebrate back home before we moved here to RI as well as here with our new friends!

I made a healthy sugar-free cake and she loved licking the frosting daintily with her little pointer finger and that was about all we got from her.

Look at that cheesy grin! We love you Juniper Joan and feel blessed to be your parents!


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