First Weekend in Rhode Island


When we arrived in Rhode Island, I was so excited to start exploring and to get to know the area better.  As we drove around more and more, I have completely fallen in love with it here.  There is water everywhere you look, green trees covering the sides of the roads, and old homes with so much history and character.  Growing up in Southern CA all my life... it's such a refreshing change to be here.  

Our first Saturday we went to Casey's Farm for their weekly farmers market, then drove down south to explore the beach, ate seafood, and then stopped by a farm and picked strawberries... can a Saturday get any better? It was a great way to kick off our time here in New England. 

Juniper is obsessed with wearing sunglasses and when I put them on her she instantly closes her mouth and puts on a serious face. lol

That dimple & double chin!

The strawberry fields were SO fun. Landon and I initially thought we had to trade off on holding Juniper while the other one would pick berries.  She is a runner and will seriously run into the street or find something to climb so we have to be on her at all times, BUT to our surprise we sad her down and she just picked berries and ate them the entire time.  It was maybe one of the cutest moments of my life.

In strawberry heaven!
I love Landon's stained fingers.
The first adventure in Rhode Island was a success!


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