That One Time I Met Martha...


Ever since I was a little girl...a 7 year old girl... my favorite show to watch was Martha Stewart.  I would make her recipes in the kitchen, talk as if I was on TV, go cut roses from the garden and try to make everything pretty and perfect. So you can imagine how excited and shocked I was to of been given the opportunity to photograph her! I still can't believe it happened.

My #1 goal in my career has always been to photograph for Martha Stewart, get in her magazine, or just published in her magazine... I of course NEVER thought that would happen but I always had it in my sight for "dreams"... and I would of never imagined that I would be photographing Martha herself! That's way better than what I could of ever dreamed for my career.

What I've learned is how you can never set goals too big or dream too far, the bigger you set your goals the more successful you'll be. (As cheesy or cliche as that sounds, it's proven to be true for me).  It has been a great experience for my career and especially as a working mother, I never thought I'd be able to run my own business and work with having a baby.

And lastly, since we are moving to Rhode Island in the next couple months, everyone keeps asking me if I'm so sad to leave what I've built in LA for my business and honestly I'm so excited to see what adventures awaits there.  I've accomplished more than I ever could of dreamed and I'd be happy to end my career now...not that that's going to happen but I'm grateful for Landon and all the hard work he's done and I'm happy to support him in his dreams as he's done for me!


Landon Wood said...

So proud of you babe. Thank you for all your kind words. You really are so talented, hardworking and amazing at everything you do. Im sure Rhode Island will be an adventure.

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