Juniper's 1st Christmas deserved the pouffiest reddest Christmas dress and that's just what we got her.  This poor baby girl had to sit through 3 hours of church with the biggest tutu on underneath this dress but boy was she the cutest ever!...don't worry she paid me back with having 3 blowouts during the last 2 hours.  Dressing her up for church is like a little treat for me, I've always wanted a little girl to doll up and now that I have her I'm going full force.  We took these on our way home from church Christmas Sunday. 
Daddy and our little stinker

Feeling like a big girl standing!

Believe it or not, these were my 1st Christmas shoes! I saved them from a garage sale years ago and was so happy that they fit little Juni.  They looked brand new, go mom!


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