Oh Baby!


After trying to get pregnant for over a year and having an unfortunate miscarriage in August we are thrilled to share this exciting news!!! It hit me when I was at 4 weeks, I thought I had the flu and was in the bathroom all night, 2 days later I realized how my sickness only came at night... I took a pregnancy test on our 4th year anniversary early early in the morning and it was the best news ever! This might explain why I've been M.I.A for the last 3 months because of how sick I've felt! :( I continued to work and shoot but that was about all the effort I could do, all my social media platforms dwindled and died and all I really cared about was "eating"...the biggest challenge for me! But now that I've hit the 2nd trimester I am slowly starting to gain myself back and will try to catch up sharing everything I've been working on.

 On the other hand, I'm really excited to bring some of this blog back to my personal life because that's how it all started way back in 2007. I'm hoping to document this pregnancy more with crafts I'm working on and things I'm finding for our little mini, all for my journal's sake. I didn't have the chance to really work on any personal projects last year because I was working so much in LA and once I'd get home the last thing I felt like was pulling out my camera again for more photos and more editing, but while I'll still be working lots I will try to remember to document everything!

 And for all the last little details, I'm due July 27th! The one thing I've been craving and wanting this entire pregnancy is oranges! I honestly think oranges and orange juice kept me alive. The few things I can't stand the smell or taste of is bacon (it's the worst and feel like I may not be able to ever eat it again), onions and garlic. Landon has been such a support and will sadly not eat bacon for the next 6 months. :) And as for a baby bump, there is still nothing really there, I'm almost 15 wks and I'm starting to feel more stretching and growing this week but a belly hasn't popped out yet. I have the longest torso in the world so I'm curious when I'll have a cute bump.


Sarah said...

Congrats!! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Morning sickness is the worst. Im guessing its a girl ;)

Sid said...

Oh congratulations! This is great news. Here's hoping that the rest of the pregnancy goes swimmingly. oxox

Mariel Torres said...

So incredibly happy for you both! Cannot wait to see the upcoming pictures ;)

janis said...

awesome! so stoked for you two!

Unknown said...


I miss your blog posts. So I'm excited to read about your pregnancy journey and crafting. :)

meg bird said...

What wonderful news!! Your creations have been some of my favorites for a while now, so I can't imagine how great your BABIES will be!

The Thomas' said...

So incredibly excited for you. When we were trying to get pregnant it took A LOT longer then we expected so I know it can be hard to be patient;) You guys will be the cutest parents ever!

Ryan & Courtney said...

This is sooo exciting! I've been wondering when you two would start having babies!
If you are ever doing more work in LA and need a place to come crash or anything let me know! We literally live right next to LAX and Ryan is usually out of town for work. Traffic is the worst from here to Riverside (or wherever you go) so if you ever don't want to do that come over!
I would love to get together sometime and catch up, it has been way too long!
And you are right, your torso is the longest ever, I can't wait to see what you look like with a baby bump. It's probably gonna be so tiny and cute!
Good luck with the pregnancy and post lots of pictures and crafts! I'm excited to see everything!

P.S. bacon is the worst smelling food always!

Hillary said...

I know I already congratulated you on Instagram but congrats again! I'm so happy for you and Landon :]

Li-Sha said...

Congrats! I love the video! I have a long torso as well and didn't start showing until 25-ish weeks. Nobody in my ward even started to notice until I was seven months pregnant! Can't wait to see how cute your little babe will be! (Hope that doesn't sound 100% creepy coming from a total stranger.)

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