1st Purchase!


Here was my first baby purchase for our little one!  I'm the most impatient person ever and realllllly want (and in my mind really need) to know if we're having a baby boy or girl now!! (Landon is officially annoyed when I bring it up everyday, sorry babe)! It's not particularly real to me yet because I don't have much of a bump and in my mind I'd love to start thinking of him/her with their name, so I'm just impatiently waiting for a few more weeks...

Anyways back to the blanket, my mom has been wanting to take me baby shopping and I keep pushing it back until I know the gender so I can start looking through the clothes, so instead we went to a thrift store and spotted this bright colorful blanket in the very back corner at the top of a bookshelf, we both fell in love with it and thought it would be perfect for a baby girl or baby boy.  My first baby purchase!


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