Last Day in Indonesia


This photo was taken in the busy streets of Ubud. He was lit up by the headlights of cars coming towards us honking. haha It was definitely a rush getting this portrait.

While in Ubud we debated back and forth if we should go to one of these traditional Balinese dances.  We felt like we should go, but we were just too exhausted, cheap, and were kind of done with the touristy things.  Well it was our last night in Indonesia and we just spent our last rupiahs on dinner.  As we were returning back to our hostel we were stopped by this man to buy tickets (probably our 100th time being asked) and we spontaneously decided, what the heck let's go!

We had 10 minutes to exchange our money and get there before it started.  We ended up getting seats on the very front row!! All of these images were taken with a 50mm so you can see how close we really were.  I was in heaven!  This was the best decision we could have made.  It was the perfect ending to our time in Indonesia, it really wrapped up our trip nicely.

I can't really describe this performance there was just so much going on it was like a sensory overload at times. What really stood out to me was how the women would isolate their neck and eyes and move them back and forth to the music, I tried doing it afterwards and it just gave me a headache, they've got some talent! I found this video online if you want to get the general of it.  And since my attention span lasts for about 1 minutes, I suggest skipping to the middle just to see how the ladies dance!


Robyn said...

Brittany, you have some amazing photos of the places you've been! You've definitely influenced my desires to travel to Indonesia!

Emma Davenport said...

Transported to more exotic climes for the duration of this blog post. Looks like you had a great holiday - love the drama of these photos.

Emily said...

Beautiful photos! I love the second one!

Anonymous said...

stunning pics


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