3 years later...


Brittany WoodBrittany Wood
Brittany Wood
We got our pictures done this year by the lovely & talented Kathleen Amelia. We really don't have many photos of us together because #1 I'm always the one taking the photos & #2 it is usually just us two... and those arm length shots of me kissing Landon's cheek don't really count!... so we FINALLY got some done!
I was kind of dreading it because ironically being a photographer, I don't like being photographed and I'm just a stress case during the entire thing, so a BIG thank you to Landon for being by my side and a HUGE Thank you to Katie capturing us perfectly! This is the real us and I love that about these photos. I will treasure these forever!  If you'd like to see more you can visit Kathleen Amelia's blog. 
Since I don't get many pictures to post of us I thought I'd share some fun recent things going on in our life! Keep reading... 

Brittany WoodBrittany Wood
Brittany Wood
Brittany Wood
Brittany Wood
• Is currently in his 2nd year of medical school... and he won't tell you this, but since I'm his wife I can... he's doing awesome in school and on his exams... and I'm just always so proud of him!
• He's been growing that manly Thor hair of his for almost 2 years (in February) and is planning on donating it in the summer before his rotations and professionalism kick in!
• He is a T.A. (teachers assistant) for OMM at his school this year.  OMM is more intense chiropractic work that treats the body's problems as a whole, it's a type of holistic medicine (um I'm just really bad at describing things & Landon will probably have to re-edit this but it's just awesome).  My ribs pop out of place all the time along with other back and neck issues and it's been so useful having him around to fix them without having to go to the doctors!

• I've been working on family photos this fall/winter season and they have been keeping me busy! Go on over to my Facebook page and check out what's going on... oh and feel free to go like my page to stay updated on my photos! :)
• I also have been working with a magazine on publications and that's exciting! It feels good to be doing what I love.

• We're celebrating a "Wood" Christmas this year and going up to Seattle, yay! I just love Seattle.
• We bought our first TV together! For the last 3 years we've lived without one and in reality, we would of been just fine without one, but we were irresponsible together and now have a new giant 55" friend in our family room. Oops.
• We got new callings in church! Landon works with the deacons, 12 year old boys, and guess what I got last week... a stake calling working with the Cub Scouts! haha Landon thought it was all a joke and then when we realized it was for reals, it just made everything that much better. I'm excited because I love working with children and doing hands-on things, it's going to keep us both busy!


Samantha Heather said...

These photos are beautiful. Such a great representation of your love for one another. Cherish these forever :)

Chealsey walton said...

girl your hair is gorgeous! xx

Sarah44 said...

These pictures are amazingggg. You look so good! Sounds like your life is going well!!! That is funny about your stake calling, very interesting! I am sure it will go well for sure.

Anonymous said...

great pics. I get horribly self-conscious in front of a camera too...

Unknown said...

These photos are so amazing!


Niken said...

these photos are gorgeous!
i've never had tv too since i'm out of my parents house for college. but a few weeks ago, my friend came visit me and he left his 32" flat screen in my place. whoops.

55"??? that's so huge. haha

Ryan & Courtney said...

Stake calling in the cub scouts??! I would have thought it was a joke too, but that actually sounds like it might be fun! Love the updates and happy 3 years!!

janis said...

you're such a knockout!

Erica / Bakerstories.com said...

What a beautiful couple! Love the photos.

Anna Z said...

Your hair is gorgeous and these photos are so so pretty.

Katie said...

you two are such a beautiful couple. I love these photos!

Katie said...

also, that third black and white photo should totally be framed. such a sweet shot.

Rebecca said...

Thor hair, love it!:D Those pictures are precious!

Jessica Holly said...

I love these!

Unknown said...

such a beautiful couple! i want to see you guys soon!! i'm watching for cheap tickets. let me know if you see something, too! i want to go back to little tokyo with you!

Emily said...

I love these pictures! She did a great job and it's just fun to see you two together!

Landon with the deacons is going to be awesome! You with the Cub Scouts is going to be awesome!

Unknown said...

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