Ubud's Street Food


Street Food. Say that to Landon and his eyes light up, mouth starts watering, and well, he will just keep talking about it until he finds something good to eat.  I've heard him tell me multiple times "I can live off street food for the rest of my life!" (with great enthusiasm of course!)
He lived in Madagascar for 2 years, and even though he was cautiously warned not to eat off the street, guess what, that's all he ate.  He may of had years of stomach consequences afterwards, but that's one of the greatest memories he has of Madagascar, and that's what matters right?! 
The food shown above is known as Sate in Indonesia, and they had something very similar in Madagascar. So you can only imagine how excited Landon was to see these.  I felt like every time I looked over at him, he had a new set of Sate sticks in his hands reminiscing of Madagascar.  
(Keep reading to see more pictures of Ubud!)

I SPY... pliers...
Ubud was such a beautiful city, it was somewhere where I could definitely see myself living for a longer period of time.  It was our last city before we left to go home, so it was extra bittersweet.  After traveling for 1 month in Indonesia, I felt like my body and mind finally fully adapted to the surroundings, food, culture, and I found myself being more brave with everything around me.  And I just love that feeling!

For our days in Ubud we rented a scooter and just drove miles on end.  We had no clue where we were going but it was so fun to stop and shop on the side of the road, and then hop back on and keep going.  After a couple hours of this, I had arms full of souvenirs and guess what else?! A 3 ft. mask strapped to my back! Oh Ubud, I want to go back...


Ajeng Andianti said...

i miss my home country :(
btw i love your photographs!<3

Sharon said...

Hi, I came across your blog yesterday and I love love your photos! :) If you don't mind me asking, what camera and lens are you using?

Erica Baker said...

I have really been loving your photos of Indonesia over the past few weeks. I was recently in Thailand and some of that street food looks similar. Can't wait to go back to Southeast Asia and your photos are really making me want s to go to Indonesia! Gorgeous shots.

Emily said...

the photos from the bike are so fun!

That food does look pretty yummy ...

Anonymous said...

fantastic pics. I have yet to travel more extensively in Indonesia. I love love love Malaysia, and its street food, and I'm sure Indonesia has some interesting variations to offer.

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