Mad Scientist Halloween Party 2013


Let me first start out by saying... I ONLY took photos of this awesome party and cannot take an ounce of credit.  Our good friends Aria & Walter are the Halloween party connoisseurs... and rock it every time.  Here's a glance at last years.  This years theme was the MAD SCIENTIST!! 
With bubbling beakers, glowing toxic liquids, blood filled test tubes... it's an understatement to say that is was amazing.  The walls were covered from ceiling to floor with tea stained anatomy pages, the food was all an experiment of dipping/mixing, and the drinks... well they were my favorite part! 
Keep reading to see all of our costumes and more party details!  

Like I mentioned before, the drinks were one of my favorite things.  She had 50+ test tubes full of bloody Grenadine, and we got to mix our own Shirley Temples, such a great idea right?
So we started the night off with fondues and yummy food. then worked our way into an intense game of Mafia and of course ended our night with the infamous donut on a string. We all had such a blast.
Thanks Aria & Walter!!

Ps. And since this is my blog, I figured I can express my opinion on our costumes... So this year was all about Landon's hair.  We were set on Vikings! We were thinking greasy faces, long flowing hair for him, thick braids for me... but then we waited until the last minute and realized it wasn't something we could just throw together in 10 minutes... we at least needed the infamous Viking helmet!! Soooo we just picked clothes out of our closet, grandpa's old suit for him and long paisley dress for me, we resorted to 70's peeps (is that even the right genre, I don't know?).  I can at least say we were cool the first 5 minutes of entering the party playing "Stayin' Alive".
And one last rant for me, since I'm the photographer, we always get the dud costume picture, I'm just being honest!  We took ours first to get it out of the way and then I had everyone act out their costume... so don't think we're that boring, that's just the only vertical picture we got ;) I am envisioning now a sweet action shot of Landon disco dancing with that hair in full swing... so dreamy...


Niken said...

this is sooo NEAT!
your friends are genius. i should hanging out with you guys.

janis said...

so good!

Samantha Heather said...

You all look amazing! Wow

I love when people go all out for a costume party. It is no fun otherwise :)

Sharon said...

Wow, awesome decorations and details at the party! Your friends are just sooooo cool. Everyone looks cute in their costumes!

Sarah44 said...

This party looks absolutely amazing!

To The River said...

It looks like a great fun! It s really great and creative:) x

Emily said...

They did a great job on creating a spooky atmosphere for the party! What a fun theme!

And I'm glad to see you still made good use of Landon's hair for your Halloween costumes! LOL!!!


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