Drawing Frankenstein in 15 Minutes


Every Halloween, without fail Landon asks me to draw Frankenstein, and every Halloween without fail, guess what? I draw him a Frankenstein! He came up with this idea to do a stop motion of me drawing... and I thought, hey why not? He is always so supportive and whenever I start a new art piece he seems to be more excited that I am... which really, could I ask for a better husband?!
I've never showed the process of me drawing charcoal portraits so here's to the first and here's to Frankenstein!! I did this in 15 minutes, and since Frankenstein is a monster, I allowed myself to not over think this portrait and just let it flow. :)
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So give Frankenstein a try this Halloween! All you need is a piece of paper and charcoal!  And if you're proud of your final Frankie share it on Instagram and tag me in it @brittany__wood (that's double underscore) I'd love to see it and hashtag #drawfrankie .


Unknown said...

Seriously so amazing sis! You are so talented. I loved watching this!

Emily said...

So cool!! I'm going to show this to my boys after school! maybe they'll draw you a frankenstein!

Bri Lamkin said...

You are so incredibly talented. I want to have your art in my home so bad.

janis said...


Sid said...

You are an amazing artist!

Sid said...

Are you selling this image, somewhere?

To The River said...

This is seriously great:)

Liz Stanley said...

This is amazing! wow, you are a woman of many talents

Unknown said...

are you freaking serious? just stop. you make us all look bad at life.

kylie said...

its unfair how talented you are. why you gotta steal it all? :) xo

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