Lake Toba: Part 1


After spending a day in Singapore we flew into Medan, Sumatra which is an island of Indonesia.  The only place I knew we wanted to visit was Lake Toba, with really no other planning after that.  Lake Toba is the 5th largest lake in the world.  It has an island, Samosir, in the middle of it which is full of their own culture, known as the Batak people.

As we got out of the airport we had two goals in mind, find something to eat and catch a ride to Lake Toba.  We found a taxi and was dropped off at the local station, and just our luck, the bus we needed to catch was leaving in 3 minutes... so we instantly get thrown into the travel panic mode.  We start running with our bags and started scrambling with our Indonesian cash, that we weren't too familiar with just yet, buying our bus tickets and lemon crackers for lunch.  As we finally catch our breath to sit down in our seats we find out that we had a 5 hour drive ahead of us with a half bottle of water and pack of crackers to settle our starving stomachs, this was a perfect "welcome" into Indonesia.

As a couple hours passed our butts became numb from squishing onto a wooden board, but we quickly realized how friendly the Indonesian people were.  Not many of them spoke English but even if they knew a few words they would try talking to us, a nice change from our experience in Singapore.

As the sun was setting, we finally arrived to Lake Toba. We needed to take a ferry out to the island where we were going to stay but we missed it by just 5 minutes, thankfully the ferry had one more round so we found somewhere to eat and met up with other travelers.  We finally got onto the ferry at 7pm at night, and as we were crossing the lake a thunderstorm appeared and we were getting rained on!  We also didn't know where we were going to sleep that night, and since it was already so late we thankfully met a nice gal who let us go with her to her stay which ended up being the perfect spot for us to relax.  The pictures above is where we stayed, it was just a few feet from the water and was such a beautiful spot.


Landon Wood said...

Love this post babe!! also the picture of that cutie BB on the bus is melting my face

Mariel Torres said...

Amazing pictures B! Truly a wonderful experience :)

LSto125 said...

amazing, amazing photos! love them all! great job Britt!


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