Oh Canada!


Canada! One of my favorite places and somewhere that I get so excited to visit every single time.  We spent about a week in Vancouver catching up with family & friends.  I think the only photo I came away with is a picture of the Wood boys! I'm so sad that I didn't get any with Landon's best friends or other family!... so sad, but in my defense, it was raining the entire time and my camera is heavy!

Anyways, after our short but fun week in Vancouver we headed east for another 12+ hours of driving and drove through the beautiful Canadian Rockies! All the photos above were caught from the passenger window. I think it's probably the most annoying thing for Landon because I am constantly saying "ooo" or "look at that!" and I keep my camera in my lap during the entire drive waiting for more photos to take.  But when you're a Californian girl that grew up in the desert with simple palm trees and boring beaches, the Canadian Rockies are kinda a big deal.

Ps. I had to add that cute family picture with cutie Landon! Oh my goodness I love everything about it, a yellow pinstripe shirt and accenting belt? Oh my I'm just gushing over it! I don't have many baby pictures of Landon so when I find one I get excited.


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