Halloween Party 2012


Bubbling caldrons, eerie toxic poisons, and swarming bats...this party was a success!  I feel like I can in no way take credit for an ounce of this party, my friend Aria was the mastermind. She dreamed, planned, directed and we then created.  I wanted to keep my posts short, but since there was so much detail, I just couldn't resist.

We enjoyed Blood Soaked Cupcakes (red velvet) with chocolate spider webs, Ancient Mummy Remains (muddy buddies), Spinach Brain Mush (spinach dip), Dried Crunchy Brains (caramel corn), Witch's Broccoli Cheddar Stew, Blood Cider (cherry cider), and Monster's Mud Milk (hot chocolate).
It was all delicious!

And if you couldn't tell already.... we were Mimes!  I wanted to be so many different things with Landon's long hair... vikings to be exact, but French mimes came to mind at the last minute (the day before) so we went with that and saved on the money!
A great BIG thanks to Aria, it was our funnest married- couple Halloween party yet, thanks for letting me join in on the prepping, I loved it!
Ps. There were 2 other couples that I didn't show... sorry!! One couple left early and I didn't get the shot sorry :( 


Emily said...

Great decorations and food spread!! Looks like a lot of fun! The wolf in grandma's nightshirt is hilarious!

Owen really likes your costumes and wants to watch Tangled now. LOL!!

Becca said...

LOVE IT. you know how to throw a partaaa. looks like so much fun.

Camila Carneiro said...

That's got to be the coolest looking halloween party ever! Awesome decoration and food.
And what fun costumes you came up with :)


Julia said...

those cupcakes. i just want to eat. even though they have spider webs on them. i'm so afraid of spiders ;)

Unknown said...

HOW FUN love it all, wish i could a gone haha ;)

hmmm said...

Your Halloween party looks faaabulous! Especially Sir Frankenstein on the wall. Sheesh you are a talented little lady!!!

Kristine said...

this is an amazing halloween party! well executed! i love all the details and the food table looks bomb

Emma Vogelsang said...

Very cute costumes!

Emma Vogelsang said...

Very cute costumes!

livlovelaugh said...

omg i am uber jealous of your halloween party. Its like my ... dream to have an awesome halloween party like this with cute couple costumes! I loved all of them!!


Hummer said...

Love the work that you guys put into the decor. It and your costumes are so nice.


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