As of Lately


(Second shooting with EPlove- probably my favorite shot I took of the bride.)

What have I been up to you ask?

Well it's been the craziest time of my life if that can briefly give you a feel oh how I've been:

Arriving back from Georgia we had a 1.5 weeks to find an apartment.
Moved into our apartment on the 1st of August.
I flew out to Canada to shoot a wedding August 2nd.
Flew back August 4th.
Had 3 days to completely unpack & half decorate the place.
Landon's family arrived 4 days later.
5 adults +2 kids in a 1 bedroom apartment = craziness
Drove up to 8 hours of LA traffic in 4 days
105 degrees as the average temperature
Landon's White Coat Ceremony for Medical school on August 11th
Family celebration for Landon on the 12th
Landon's first day of Medical school today,
and now I can partly breathe...

During all this time I've been fighting sickness from the lack of sleep and today it finally arrived in my throat for good.  Lastly, and probably the least important thing of this all is I turn 23 in 2 days.
I'm so proud of Landon and excited for these next few years.  Today is a big step into a different kind of life and I'm excited.


Amanda Mae said...

oh dear! please get some rest! my family has been battling some illness for the last THREE weeks... something crazy is going around So Cal and it lasts forever... I PRAY yours doesn't last as long. Sleeeeeeeeeep! It's a magical cure.

haley said...

Wow, you have been burning the candle at both ends! I hope your life calms down bit :)

Magalie said...

Stunning photo!

Julia said...

Congrats to Landon! you must be so thrilled. I missed reading your posts. Glad you are back. We had a similar July/August so far with doing our own moving and helping my mom move too. Take care of yourself!


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