Us in London!


With all the talk about the Olympics I quickly remembered that our time in London had been forgotten!  This was my second time in Europe, first time in London.  We had a 22 hour lay over in London from our flight back from India so we tried to live it up to the best that we could! We booked a hotel, a huge step-up from the Indian hostels, and had a planned route to quickly run through the next morning.  When we arrived late at 10:30pm we took the metro to our hotel to find that we were given a free upgrade, the best start to our time in London.  We then ran in the rain, embraced the cold weather, and found the nearest pub to enjoy fish n chips. 

By the time we finished, everything was closed down and we headed back to our room to soak up all the luxury that we could.  Since we were given the upgrade, we wanted to take advantage of it as much as we could.  We spent the last 2 months in dirty hostels wearing the same clothes for weeks, so we were determined to live the fancy life, dance around in our white, crisp robes and enjoy every moment.  We then found ourselves waking up the next morning to us in our same clothes, unbrushed teeth, untouched towels, and realized we crashed within 5 minutes of walking into our room.  I fell asleep with gum in my mouth and woke up to it spread across my arms, between my fingers, and our fancy sheets… we were so confused of what had happened.  We realized that we were just too tired the night before, that we fell asleep within minutes of sitting down and practically blacked out.  It was pretty funny since that has never happened to us before but we were also bummed that we didn't get to enjoy one aspect of our room besides the bed to sleep on.  

That morning we left our hotel early at 7AM and bundled up in as many layers of clothes that we could fit on our bodies.  We had only packed thin, light clothes for India so we were layering our t-shirts upon t-shirts and pants underneath more pants… it would be an understatement to say I looked ridiculous. 
We went straight to the Tower of London, and since we didn't have much time we didn't walk through anything; we just quickly ran past snapping a few pictures or two.  As we were slowly realizing how cold and tired we were, we started to slow down and just take it easy.  We came across a cheese shop (Landon's dream) and bought a few slices to enjoy for lunch and then came across a chocolate shop (my dream) and bought a few packages to share with our family and to eat on the plane of course! We then bought ourselves soup and baguettes and sat down to soak up the last bit of London that we could.  Our time there was so great and in my opinion the perfect amount of time to explore London.  After being in India for 2 months everything seemed so tame and calm that I probably didn't take as many photos as I should have, but none the less enjoyed it.   


The Thomas' said...

Love the pics!

Jocee said...

now i have to go to london now!

Katie said...

I desperately want to go to London. A cheese shop sounds like heaven

Julia said...

oh european food. sigh!

haley said...

Lovely photos! So glad I came across your blog today :) Can't wait to read more of your adventures!

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