Take Me To the Circus!


I took a little vacay to the circus today, in my living room, yes it was quite a party.  I'm covered in color and so are my circus folks.  I decided to try something fun with color today and the first thing that came to mind was the circus! Here is a little preview of a new series I'm working on for my ever so lonely, ignored shop.  I'm trying to think of more fun sets of series to draw, I have a few more in mind, but do you have any ideas that would interest you? Maybe something to spice up that baby room or spare bathroom of yours?

Also, I'm thinking for my re-grand-opening of my shop, a free giveaway of a few of my drawings!  How does that sound?  It's been ignored for way too long that I figured it's time for some special attention.


Chelsey said...

I would die for a few charcoal drawing! You should definitely do a give-away and pick me! Haha. I love this series! So bright and colorful! If I didn't already have my sons room all decorated I would be buying these for sure. You could do a series of nautical themed (light house, star fish, octopus, sailboat) or ballerinas (my sister would love it for her baby girl!) or the velveteen rabbit, fun cityscapes like NY, SF, Chicago, Boston, LA in a folk art style, roosters! I don't know, I'm out of ideas. Love your new work though, can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Emily said...

So much fun! Love the ring master with his awesome mustache!

Unknown said...

Super CUTE sis! You are so talented.

Landon Wood said...

Love these guys so much.
You are so creative, and I love the colors!


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