Night Series of Varanasi


 So if you've ever seen a photo or a short video clip of India, most likely it was of Varanasi.  The most famous and ever so proclaimed Holy City.  In Western Christian terms Varanasi is known as the Garden of Eden to us, they believed it to be the first city created on Earth and is dated back to 3,000 years ago.  The Ganges River is their holiest water where they wash, drink, give prayer offerings, release the ashes of their past loved ones, and even discard he dead bodies of holy men in the middle of the river.  They also believe that if you die in Varanasi you stop the cycle of reincarnation and reach nirvana. Many make the pilgramage to Varanasi and bring their loved one's bodies to be burned at the river ghats.

The photos shown are from our first night there.  Every single night they celebrate their Shiva God on the ghats and have parades and celebrations through the streets until the early mornings.  There were hundreds and hundreds of people, like 3 baseball game stadiums of people plus some, every single night worshipping.  I couldn't believe that they do that every night and still can't!

So this is one of the BEST parts of our trip.  On our 27 hour train ride to Varanasi we met a nice man named Krishna.  He was our age and had a wife and baby boy of his own.  He quickly befriended us and told us all the great places to go in Varanasi.  As we were getting off the train he even went with us to find a good hostel and then made plans to meet at the worshipping ghats that night.  We couldn't believe how blessed we were to meet a man like him that took us under his wing in one of the craziest cities. And by the end of our stay in Varanasi  knew that we would be life-long friends with Krishna and his family.

After the worshipping we went with Krishna into the streets. He took us to the best and safest street food vendors.  Landon finally got his delicious Lassi drink with an added Lassi mustache and was happy as a clam! Krishna was so generous and bought us every meal and drink, we seriously didn't understand what we did to deserve all of this treatment!  We still talk to him and hope to make plans with him one day to travel through India with his family.


Amanda Mae said...

I'm loving all your India photos. These night ones are beautiful. What lens did you use?

Cary Cottrell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kate said...

^Sorry that was me, signed into our apartment email. I SAID....

That these photos are so amazing, and more than a few posts have made me cry!

Gelai said...

I saw a documentary about this festival on Discovery Channel. It was a long documentary but I loved it! You, guys, are lucky to experience it

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